Queensland Certificate 3 Guarantee

The Certificate 3 Guarantee allows eligible students to complete their first post-school Certificate III qualification to increase their skills and knowledge allowing them to become more employable, re-enter the workforce or advance in their career. The Certificate 3 Guarantee also allows year 12 students to progress to employment by providing training on a fee free basis for those qualifications that are deemed high priority.

How do I know if I am eligible of the Certificate 3 Guarantee?

The certificate 3 Guarantee is available to any Queensland resident, Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident (including humanitarian entrants) aged 15 years and older that is no longer attending school (except those students participating in VET in Schools) or temporary residents with the necessary visa and on the pathway to permanent residency. Along with this you must not be enrolled in to any other Certificate III level or higher qualification (not including those completed at school and foundation skills training).


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What if I hold a qualification that is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)?

Students who hold a bachelor degree or higher level qualification that is nationally recognised are not eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee as these qualifications form part of the AQF however; your are eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee if the student holds a level 1 to Advanced Diploma qualification issued prior to the introduction of the Australian Qualifications Framework in 1995. 

Can I access the Certificate 3 Guarantee if I hold an overseas qualification?

In order to access the State Government Funding all students must meet all the eligibility criteria to undertake the government subsidised training. The pre-qualified supplier must make an informed decision about the overseas qualification and if this you would be able to gain or qualify for your desired employment in the state of Queensland. The pre-qualified supplier must document their reasons for the evaluation and must be able to present this at time of an audit.

If you have an overseas qualification that is recognised in Australia as meeting the registration or licensing requirements for the occupation then you would be deemed not eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

If the you hold an overseas qualification that does not meet Australian Qualifications Framework Standards you may be eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee equivalent qualification or study in a different area if your considering a career change.


How do I find out more about the Certificate 3 Guarantee?

Simply click here to gain access to more information.

** Please Note: Participation of the Certificate 3 Guarantee requires you to complete a Post Completion Survey at the end of your course.

What are the fees attached to a Certificate 3 Guarantee?

Fees for all training programs can be located here