Queensland Higher Level Skills Program

The Higher Level Skills Program is designed to assist individuals gain higher level skills needed to help secure employment, enable career advancement in an industry that has been deemed a priority or to transition to University.

How do I know if I am eligible of the Higher Level Skills Program?

This program is open to Queensland residents that are over the age of 15 years or over. You must no longer be at school and must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent Resident, or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and on the pathway to permanent residency. You also must not have or be enrolled into a Certificate IV qualification or Higher (excluding those completed within school and foundation skills training).


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Can I access the Higher Level Skills Program if I hold an overseas qualification?

In order to access the State Government Funding all students must meet all the eligibility criteria to undertake the government subsidised training. The pre-qualified supplier must make an informed decision about the overseas qualification and if this you would be able to gain or qualify for your desired employment in the state of Queensland. The pre-qualified supplier must document their reasons for the evaluation and must be able to present this at time of an audit.

If you have an overseas qualification that is recognised in Australia as meeting the registration or licensing requirements for the occupation then you may be deemed not eligible to access the Higher Level Skills Program.


How do I find out more about the Higher Level Skills Program?

Simply click here to gain access to more information.
** Please Note: Participation of a Higher Level Skills Program requires you to complete a Post Completion Survey at the end of your course.

What are the fees attached to a Higher Level Skills Program?

Fees for all training programs can be located here